The Most Drawn Out April Fool’s Joke

One year ago today, just a couple of weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, my Jr. High director, Jonah, and I did the most drawn-out April Fool’s joke on YouTube live. Our youth group had been moved entirely online at that point and I thought everyone could use a little humor! Starting at the 10-minute mark, this went on for 29 minutes. You can see it here (link will take you to YouTube):

Since our church was technically in the “city limits” of Boring, OR (yes, it’s really named that), we decided to rename our youth ministry “Boring Student Ministries.” I love that you can see the live comments on this. Some loved it, but many students were over it really fast! For what it’s worth, this joke was so popular that we made T-Shirts and stickers of the above BSM logo to commemorate the event!

I also wrote an article for parents that day (from this link):

Just two weeks into the pandemic, our students and families were stressed and feeling isolated, so this little bit of April Fools humor went a long way.

With the way this year has gone, could you use a little bit of humor in your life?



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