Interview with Dr. Ron Frost

Jon Pirot
1 min readApr 8, 2021
Photo by Jonny Swales on Unsplash

We recently did an interview with Dr. Ron Frost. It was a game-changer. One of the main topics that Dr. Frost likes to discuss is “affective theology,” which is a theology that is less Western-philosophically and rules-based and instead based on the love of God.

Think — less emphasis on thinking like Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas but instead an emphasis on the theology of St. Augustine and Martin Luther. It’s a great reminder of how Western our theology has become, and how the Evangelical church could use its own reformation.

Here are some of the questions asked (or addressed) in the interview:

-What is “affective spirituality”? How is it different than how the Western Evangelical church normally approaches Christianity?

-Shouldn’t our emotions and feelings never be trusted? How are my “affections” different?

-How do I shift my affection towards God and his will?

-What now? How does this change the way I interact with my church and culture?